Young Carers

Many people need special care in their homes. They may be ill, disabled or elderly, or they may have drug or alcohol problems. Caring for a member of the family can be a big help. When the carer is a child or a young person it is very important to make sure that they are getting everything they need too.

If your child has any caring role, for yourself or another member of their family, it is most important that they do not suffer because of their caring role. It can be difficult for a child to take on the responsibilities of an adult and find themselves supporting a parent as well as younger brothers or sisters.

They can be so busy looking after others that they forget to look after themselves and their health, schoolwork and friendships may suffer. You don’t have to cope alone, there are organisations that can help you and your child get the support and advice you both need.


Your child is missing school, feeling tired all the time and acting unusually.


They may be finding their caring role difficult to cope with. Are they doing too much?


Find out about support available. Tell the relevant authorities. Talk about relieving their pressure.

Extra support

Sometimes caring for others can have a bad effect on a child carer’s education and health. We can give extra support to young carers. This may include special breaks and extra support services for particular needs.

Your child may just need to be able to step away from their responsibilities from time to time and meet with other young carers like them. Let them know they are not alone.