eBulletin Edition 013

November 2013

Welcome to the November edition of the Tameside Safeguarding Children Board eBulletin.

This edition provides information about;

  • Recent changes to the Children's Hub
  • The publication of the new TSCB Thresholds Document
  • Changes to domestic abuse services in Tameside
  • The new "Voice of the Child" DVD
  • A link to new CEOP resources
  • A NSPCC Coping with crying resource
  • Childline launches new app – Zipit
  • Serious Case review – Child F Published

Also a reminder that the Children’s Commissioner's Takeover Day is on 22nd November – please let us know if your organisation is taking part.

The purpose of this eBulletin is to keep everyone who works with children, young people, parents and families in Tameside in touch with the latest Safeguarding developments. Safeguarding children is everyone's responsibility, we are all involved in some way. If you have ideas for future eBulletins please contact katie.strudwick@tameside.gov.uk.

Tameside Children's Hub

The multi-agency Tameside Children’s Hub went live on 21st October 2013. This means that all referrals for early help and children’s social care will go to one point.

The contact telephone numbers for the Children’s Hub are:

  • 0161 342 4206
  • 0161 342 4210
  • 0161 342 4187
  • 0161 342 4008

Thresholds Guidance

The new TSCB Thresholds Document sets out how to access early support, the thresholds for single and multi-agency agency interventions at all levels, and when to consider a referral for a social care led "single assessment". The document will be available on the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures Manual from late November 2013.

Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures Practitioner Survey

Bridges A new service for victims of domestic abuse in Tameside

Bridges offers integrated community services and refuge provision for victims of domestic abuse and substance misuse.

  • Bridges will replace the existing Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy (IDVA) service, Substance Using Family Support Service (SUFFS) and Tameside Women’s Refuge.
  • Bridges will operate at three tiers depending on the level of support needed. High-level support will be run by IDVA officers with other levels delivered by appropriately trained staff.
  • Any agency can refer into the service using the Bridges referral form.

For further information go to: http://thp.org.uk/Tameside-Services/Bridges

Voice of the Child DVD Training Resource

Teenagers from across Greater Manchester have created a short film reminding professionals who work with them to really listen to what children and young people have to say.

The film of "talking heads" is unscripted and captures heartfelt anecdotes of what it's like as a young person working with professionals and how things can always be improved upon.

The views of children and young people can sometimes be overlooked by safeguarding professionals, even though the decisions taken on their behalf can have huge implications for them.

The film will be used in safeguarding training across the region by any agencies that work with children and young people. All 10 Local Safeguarding Children’s Boards, which form the Greater Manchester Safeguarding Partnership, pooled resources to commission the film.

The short film and accompanying training notes can be viewed here.

CEOP Resources

CEOP has warned of a rise in the use of webcam by sex offenders to blackmail children and young people online and is asking schools and youth organisations to run assemblies to raise awareness amongst young people of this type of crime.

The new resources include - Webcam with Confidence

  • A fully scripted presentation for use as an assembly or lesson
  • A factsheet to hand out to young people
  • A letter you can send or email to parents encouraging them to talk to their children about this type of crime

CEOP's Thinkuknow programme has also released an 18 minute film, Exploited, which helps young people recognise the signs of sexual exploitation and the differences between healthy and exploitative relationships.

You can find all of these resources in the Thinkuknow resources area at: https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/teachers/resources/ the pack is held in the "Key Stage 3/4 (11-16)" tab.

NSPCC Resources

The NSPCC has created a new film to help parents care for a crying baby and cope with the stresses of sleeplessness and crying. This "Coping with Crying" film has been designed to support parents and reduce the risk of them losing their temper and harming their baby. It is based on a similar programme in America which reduced the number of babies who suffered from non-accidental head injuries by nearly half.

The NSPCC and the Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) have produced practice resources for education professionals working to protect young people from abusive relationships.

NSPCC Inform

NSPCC Inform has published 3 at-a-glance thematic briefings highlighting learning from serious case reviews.

Source: NSPCC Inform 14 November 2013

Safe Network

Safe Network, a partnership between the NSPCC and Children England, has updated the Safe Network Standards which provide a straightforward way for voluntary and community sector organisations to meet new safeguarding responsibilities.

Source: 01 November 2013

Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day 2013
Please let TSCB know if your organisation is taking part!

This year's Takeover Day will be held on Friday 22 November 2013. Takeover Day gives children and young people the chance to work with adults for the day and be involved in decision-making.

Organised by the Children’s Commissioner, the aim is to help break down barriers between generations and encourage children's active involvement in their communities. Organisations across every sector can be part of Children's Commissioner's Takeover Day. It's a flexible event which can be tailored to suit your organisation, and they provide guidance, resources and support to help you get the most out of the day.

To find out more, register your interest or request an information pack visit http://www.childrenscommissioner.gov.uk/takeover_day

Childline launches new app - "Zipit"

ChildLine has launched a new app called Zipit to help teenagers deal with the pressures of sexting. The app includes advice, tips for safe chat and funny images that young people can use to divert sexual conversations that are making them uncomfortable. More information here: http://www.childline.org.uk/Play/GetInvolved/Pages/sexting-zipit-app.aspx.

Child F Serious Case Review Published

Tameside Safeguarding Children Board has published a Serious Case Review Overview Report in relation to Child F.