eBulletin Edition 016

September 2014

Welcome to the September 2014 edition of the Tameside Safeguarding Children Board E.Bulletin.

This edition provides information about;

  • Launch of Thresholds Document
  • Launch of the Public Service Hub – 1st October 2014
  • CSE Awareness – Progress and Plans
  • Safeguarding Practice Update Sessions
  • Tameside Hospital – Safeguarding Study Day – Vulnerable Young Parents
  • TSCB Website Development – What is coming up?
  • TSCB Courses September 2014 – March 2015
  • Useful Links to Research Materials

The purpose of this E.Bulletin is to keep everyone who works with children, young people, parents and families in Tameside in touch with the latest Safeguarding developments both locally and nationally. Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility; we are all involved in some way.

If you have ideas for future e-bulletins please contact Lauren.Price-Wagstaff@tameside.gov.uk

In May of this year there were a series of Launch Events of the Tameside Thresholds Document. Over 200 practitioners attended the events where they heard about the new Thresholds for Assessment and the Continuum of Need. Following guidance in ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children (2013)’ the TSCB developed the thresholds guidance for all who work with children and families in Tameside.

With an emphasis on the importance of Early Help, the guidance gives advice on assessment of children’s need at four levels - Universal Services; Early Help; Child in Need and Child Protection. Guidance on use of the Family Common Assessment Framework (CAF) and the Graded Care Profile for Neglect is also included. The Assessment Tools and the Thresholds Document are available on the TSCB website - go to home page - 4 New Tools & Resources.

Feedback from those attending the launch sessions was that the new thresholds were easy to understand and the guidance was helpful. There was a discussion about potential overload on Early Help but the feedback was generally enthusiastic.

Tameside Public Service Hub becomes operational from 1st October. Launch meetings will be held on Wednesday 24th from 2:00-5:00 at Dukinfield Town Hall. These meetings will advise staff about the context and rationale for the Hub. The Public Service Hub is a pooled resource from a range of services, bringing together skills, expertise & knowledge that will:

  • Identify and respond to risk of harm
  • Prevent escalation to complex dependency
  • Support people to live well and be self-reliant

There will be a multi-agency response to enquiries/referrals to The Hub and all calls will be taken from 1st October at a single point of contact – 0161 342 4101

Concern about Child Sexual Exploitation across the country continues to dominate the media. In Tameside work continues to raise awareness of CSE and to respond robustly to any information about children and young people vulnerable to this abuse.

Greater Manchester Local Authorities are standing together against CSE and held a week of action to raise awareness from the 19th of September.

There is guidance and support for victims and practitioners on the new website www.itsnotokay.co.uk also there is a Twitter page available @NotOkayGM

Representatives from many Tameside services have attended Train the Trainer Sessions and have rolled - out CSE Awareness Sessions in their teams. Many are now considering how to involve children, young people and parents in the general awareness of CSE & vulnerable young people. Tameside’s Specialist CSE Team take the lead in detecting, prosecuting and disrupting perpetrators of CSE. Do contact the team if you have any concerns about children and young people suffering this form of abuse.

Project Phoenix childsexualexploitation.tameside@gmp.pnn.police.uk

0161 856 5880

Safeguarding Practice Update Sessions

The latest session considered Good Practice in Safeguarding & Child Protection and invited practitioners to share their experience of good practice and to consider how such practice can be promoted in Tameside. Examples of practice shared included accounts from Child Protection Reviewing Officers of several children where effective engagement with their parents led to a step-down from Child Protection Plans to Child in Need Processes. Other examples came from a Day Nursery where a sensitive and supportive Early Help response to a parent led to tangible progress and a happier demeanour from parent and child. Tameside Hospital Midwifery Service shared news about their Vulnerable Young Parents Service. Parents with vulnerabilities are identified and offered Early Help as needed. So far there have been positive results for parents and their new born babies.

Seven Key Principles for Good Practice in Safeguarding were identified in guidelines issued by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner

The principles have relevance across all settings and mirrored the suggestions made by participants in the Practice Update Session. Ideas were shared regarding the promotion of good safeguarding practice in Tameside; these will be considered by the TSCB Communications Group.

Next Safeguarding Practice Update – Friday 5th December 9:30 – 12:00, topic will be publicised in Early November.

  • Changes to TSCB Team – A new TSCB Business Manager – Stewart Tod – was appointed this month and the TSCB Administrator, Anna Cooke, has returned from maternity leave and will be working from Wednesday to Friday. Stewart has joined us from Salford SCB; he replaced Alyson Harvey who is now working for Rochdale SCB.

    Stewart Tod
    0161 342 4344

    Anna Cooke
    0161 342 4348

  • The TSCB Website continues to develop and respond to the needs of Tameside families, children and young people and practitioners. Significant developments of the site are planned for October when we next meet with the developers. Any suggestions for the website please forward to lauren.price-wagstaff@tameside.gov.uk

Female Genital Mutilation

An awareness session on this subject is being developed by the TSCB to go in the TSCB training programme. In the meantime anyone wishing to learn more about how to detect and report this form of abuse can access an eLearning module at no charge via the following link:

The eLearning is described as informative but do be warned that it can be upsetting to watch.

Links to useful research documents in Safeguarding and Child Protection:-

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