eBulletin Edition 017

December 2014

Welcome to the December 2014 edition of the Tameside Safeguarding Children Board E.Bulletin.

This edition provides information about;

  • The Public Service Hub – two months since launch
  • Domestic Abuse – Whole Family Approach
  • TSCB Annual Conference – Self Harm and Suicide
  • Children’s Commissioner – Young People’s Involvement
  • Safeguarding Practice Updates
  • Learning from Case Reviews – Payday Loans
  • Assessing Need and Providing Services to Children & Young People
  • Learning and Improvement Framework
  • TSCB Courses 2015
  • News Updates – CAF, TSCB Conference, Child H Overview report

The purpose of this E.Bulletin is to keep everyone who works with children, young people, parents and families in Tameside in touch with the latest Safeguarding developments. Safeguarding children is everyone’s responsibility; we are all involved in some way.

If you have ideas for future e-bulletins please contact Lauren.Price-Wagstaff@tameside.gov.uk

Tameside Public Service Hub – 0161 342 4101

The Hub has been operational since 1st October, 2014 and is now the single point of contact for practitioners and the public who are seeking advice or a service for children and young people. Callers are assisted by a multi-agency team including representatives from Housing, Health, Fire Service, Police and Children’s Social Work to mention a few.

Those with concerns about a child will be signposted, given advice or referred on to an appropriate agency.

The Hub continues to develop an effective response, based on experiences to date and feedback from those using it. There is great enthusiasm amongst Hub representatives and a shared aim to provide the best guidance and support possible for those making contact.

Feedback on your experience of using The Hub is welcome.

Whole Family Approach to Domestic Abuse

Almost 30 managers and practitioners from a wide range of agencies have now received training in the Whole Family Approach to Domestic Abuse. Over 4 separate sessions, the participants considered ways of working with families where there might be post-traumatic stress; power and control issues and where there may be perpetrators who are prepared to change their behaviour. Various risk assessments were explored as well as assessment tools geared towards young people experiencing domestic abuse.

The overall theme of the course is that where families want to stay together and where they can be helped to develop some insight into family dynamics; there can be scope for permanently changing behaviour and reducing harm. The course will run again in the New Year and be developed in response to participant feedback.

TSCB Annual Conference – Thursday 26th March, 2015

This Conference for practitioners will focus upon overall learning from Tameside Serious Case Reviews, with an emphasis on young people, self - harm and suicide. National and local speakers will be organised to help us consider the vulnerabilities of young people and how all agencies can best safeguard them.

Malcolm Rae OBE, Trainer and Consultant, with a background as a Director of Mental Health Nursing, will be a keynote speaker.

The aim is to involve the testimony of young people and share their views about the pressures they experience and what would help. Full details of the conference and how to apply for places will be distributed shortly.

Children’s Commissioner – Young People’s Involvement

Four young people with experience of receiving Services agreed to be consulted on training in CSE. The also looked at the Young Peoples area on the TSCB website and made suggestions for improvement. The young people were aged between 16-20 yrs. two male and 2 females: they spent 4 hours looking at the website and training materials

Payday Loans and Vulnerable Young People

A growing risk for young people is falling into debt, sometimes to a serious level. This can cause high levels of anxiety, especially as the pressure to repay builds and the interest mounts

Wonga, a prime pay-day loan company, has recently been forced by government to write off outstanding loans made to ‘vulnerable people who never had the capacity to repay’. This group includes a significant number of young people who were unaware of the risks and had multiple needs – for example care leavers. Practitioners need to be aware of this potential pitfall for the young people they work with – there is excellent guidance and support on debt charity websites and CAB sites.

Safeguarding Practice Updates

The latest Safeguarding Practice Update was on 5th December and looked at ‘The Right to Challenge in Safeguarding Practice’ Challenge is integral to child protection processes as parents are usually being asked to significantly change their parenting of a child and practitioners may have different views about the way forward. This session explored why, how and when there should be challenge and the skills needed to effectively challenge in the interests of children and young people. Materials from the session will be lodged in the Practitioner Area of the TSCB website shortly.


Learning from Practice – Child H Serious Case Review, Overview Report

Tameside Safeguarding Children Board has published the overview report on the above child, a toddler who was physically harmed in a family where there was domestic abuse. Critical learning points are identified in the report for all agencies involved with children and families, these include the visibility of young children; the need for a culture of respectful uncertainty; the increased risk to children when there is domestic abuse in the household and the need for robust processes around children in need.

The next Safeguarding Practice Update on 31st March 9:30 – 12:30 at Festival Hall, Denton, M34 3JX will focus on the learning from this review. To apply for a place training@tameside.gov.uk

Tameside Safeguarding Children Board – Annual Report

The report is now completed and can be found on the TSCB Website in the practitioner area. The report gives details of the Safeguarding Board’s priorities and activity over a year and shows the contributions all agencies make to Safeguarding Children in Tameside.

TSCB Training and Development Activity

A number of Serious Case Reviews on Tameside Children and young people will be concluding shortly and summary reports will be posted on the TSCB website. Action Plans are drawn up and all agencies will be incorporating the learning and recommendations from reviews into their practice. All TSCB training events and courses promote this learning and reflect the key messages from the reviews.

TSCB Safeguarding Courses – January to March 2015


1 – Awareness
2 – Foundation
3 – Specific
4 – Managerial

Course Title Date Level
Safeguarding Children from Child Sexual Exploitation – Ann Potter 13th January ‘15 3-4
Safer Recruitment Training – Tania Brown 14th January ‘15 2-4
Working Together to Safeguard Children 19th & 20th Jan
2nd & 3rd March
2 days
Working Together in Child Protection Planning – Core Group Working 29th Jan ‘15 2
Safeguarding Children where there is Parental Mental Illness 3rd Feb ‘15 3
Safeguarding Children from Neglect 5th Feb ‘15 3
Understanding Sexually Harmful Behaviour – Ann Potter 10th Feb ‘15 3-4
Vulnerable Teenagers 11th Feb ‘15 3
Safeguarding Disabled Children Awareness – Sheena Wooding & Dawn Painter-Bennett 12th Feb ‘15 1
Safeguarding Children where there is Parental Substance Misuse – Helen Maccabee 20th Feb ‘15 3
Domestic Abuse Awareness 12th March ‘15 1
Refresher Training in Safeguarding Keeping in Touch 16th March ‘15 2-4
Graded Care Profile Workshop – Using the tool to assess Neglect 18th March ‘15 N/A
Jo Edwards Half Day 9-12 1-4
Safeguarding Practice Update Topic to be decided 31st March ‘15 1-4

Further dates for Whole Family Approach to Domestic Abuse etc. to follow

New Programme from April 2015


Website for application and further details www.tamesidesafeguardingchildren.org.uk