eBulletin Edition 25

March 2017

Welcome to the March 2017 edition of the Tameside Safeguarding Children Board E.Bulletin.

This edition provides information about new procedures and processes that all practitioners working with children or their parents/carers need to be aware of. They link to the learning and recommendations from Serious Case Reviews and to new statutory requirements. The E-Bulletin includes;

  • FGM awareness
  • Internet safety week
  • Independent Child Trafficking Advocates
  • Real Love Rocks
  • New Training Programme
  • Training Pool Recruitment
  • Family Justice Board
  • Call for Evidence – Children in Care

FGM Action Week

The National FGM Week of Action took place on 7th – 10th February and emphasised the role health and care professionals can play in preventing FGM. Health professionals can also access a new NHS Choices training video to help them understand the specific mental health needs of women with FGM.

On the 3rd of March, Tameside Hospital is hosting an all-day Safeguarding Women and Girls Conference as a follow-up to the week of action; the conference is for all professionals and will include speakers from the Phoenix Team, Safety 4 Sisters and the Sexual Advice Referral Centre at St Mary’s Hospital, Manchester. For more information and to book a place, please contact the Hospital education and training department on 0161 922 4203.

Internet Safety Week

Internet Safety Week took place on 7th February and the week was full of activity including media coverage of the SSNAP project which has been set-up by TSCB with a number of local schools. The Safer Social Networking Activity Pack is an interactive resource that teaches children and young people about the potential dangers of sharing information on social media, and equips them with the tools and knowledge to make the right decisions; the resource is peer-lead After a successful pilot at New Charter Academy, other local secondary schools are now involved, and New Charter pupils have rolled out the training to Canon Burrows Primary. Online safety was featured in an article in the Manchester Evening News, and the day was also covered by Key 103.

For more information on the SSNAP project, please contact Kat.

Independent Child Trafficking Advocates

Barnardos have set up a service to support children who have potentially been trafficked. The Independent Child Trafficking Advocate service has now been rolled out to all local authority areas in Greater Manchester as early adopter sites. Any child that has been potentially trafficked must be referred to the service and will be allocated an ICTA within 24 hours. Referrals can be made over phone or via email.

For full guidance, including how to make referrals to the service, please visit the Gov.uk website.

Real Love Rocks

Barnardo’s has launched free LGBTQ resources to help teachers better educate children about same sex relationships and gender and sexual identities.

The free LGBTQ resources aimed at primary and secondary schools have been launched to sit alongside their existing Real Love Rocks resources, which teach children and young people about healthy relationships and awareness of child sexual exploitation.

Teachers attending Barnardo’s Real Love Rocks training sessions had called for support as they felt unsure what they were allowed to teach about lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans relationships, and wouldn’t know how to respond if a child raised a question about gender or sexual identity.

The new animations and classroom activities have been developed to help address these gaps and are tailored to be age appropriate, educating children at primary school level about the different make up of families in society, with the aim of dispelling stereotypes about gender and sexual identity.

The secondary resources focus on encouraging teenagers to understand their feelings and create awareness of different sexual and gender identities, as well as explore the additional vulnerabilities LGBTQ young people may face from sexual exploitation.

To download the free LGBTQ resources and to find out more about Barnardo’s materials, please visit their website and register your details.

New Training Programme

The new training programme for 2017/18 will be rolled out from April; this will contain all of our usual safeguarding courses, plus a few that have been revised. For the details of the changes and further information on our offer for 2017-18 and the training summary containing a schedule of courses please visit, https://www.tamesidesafeguardingchildren.org.uk/professionals/trainingabout.aspx.

Training Pool Recruitment

The Training Organiser, Andy McLean, is keen to recruit new members to the Training Pool. For further information on requirements, the level of commitment and access to application forms please contact Andy, email: andrew.mclean@tameside.gov.uk or Christine Bryan, Training Administrator, christine.bryan@tameside.gov.uk. Local and Regional support to develop Multi-Agency Training skills is available.

Family Justice Board

The Local Family Justice Board aims to reduce delay in public law cases and make progress against the time limit for care cases; this is done by resolving private law cases out of court where appropriate, building multi-agency relationships and tackling variations in local performance. The Board now produces a quarterly newsletter to keep stakeholders informed and involved of their activities and progress. The February newsletter is the second edition and features 2016 case statistics, the Boards areas of focus for the next quarter and Board sub-groups and their remit. More information and newsletters in full can be accessed via the Manchester Law Society website.

Call for Evidence – Children in Care

The National Children’s Bureau (NCB), with the support of Research in Practice, has launched a new call for evidence to gather and review information on the views, experiences and perceptions of children in care and care leavers in England. This is on behalf of the Children's Commissioner for England.

The call for evidence is open to all individuals and organisations as a short online survey. It aims to identify:

  • Activities and methods used to seek the views, experiences and perceptions of children in care and care leavers (for example a survey or focus group).
  • Published or unpublished outputs from any activities (including reports, summaries, videos and social media posts).

Results will be considered by the Children’s Commissioner to help inform a future ‘State of the Nation’ report on children in care and care leavers.

Research in Practice is an excellent resource for professionals, providing a wide range of articles, publications, evidence scopes and practice tools for practitioners working with children and their families. For more information, visit the RiP website.

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