eBulletin Edition 27

October 2017

Welcome to the October 2017 edition of the Tameside Safeguarding Children Board E.Bulletin.

This edition provides information about new procedures and processes that all practitioners working with children or their parents/carers need to be aware of. They link to the learning and recommendations from Serious Case Reviews and to new statutory requirements. The E-Bulletin includes;

  • Single Agency Referral Form (SARF)
  • CAF Advisors
  • Young People’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing pathway
  • Healthy Young minds Website
  • Apprentice Youth Participation Officer
  • Threshold Launch
  • Modern Slavery Training
  • Child U 7 minute briefing
  • Respectful Challenge Project
  • Disagreement and Escalation Policy

Single Agency Referral Form (SARF)

The Single Agency Referral Form is now live.

Online reporting of Safeguarding Concerns

The safeguarding functions within the Tameside Children’s Hub bring together multi-agency resources to provide a quick and robust response to safeguarding children at the front door. Effective use of this form will aid that process and ensure accurate and timely responses are provided.

Safeguarding concerns can be reported to the Children’s Hub using the Online Electronic Referral form.

It is important that you are aware of and have consulted the Thresholds Guidance prior to the referral being made – The current version of the Thresholds Guidance can be found on the TSCB website.

Common Assessment Framework (CAF) Advisors

Tameside Families Together has recruited a team of CAF Advisors. They will;

  • Attend CAF meetings and support the school to identify a clear action plan with clarity to roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the plan;
  • Provide guidance/advice to individuals completing CAFs and act as a quality assurance agent;
  • Attend school team meetings to advise/guide and consult on the CAF;
  • Provide guidance / advice on additional services that schools may access;
  • Attend reviews of CAF’s to ensure that progress is occurring to plan and timescales;
  • Deliver CAF training through TSCB;

For CAF Advice please contact one of the CAF Advisors:

Name Position Landline Mobile Email
Danielle Ashworth Practice Manager 0161 342 5141 07813 440800 danielle.ashworth@tameside.gov.uk
Katie Legg CAF Advisor 0161 342 3922 07800 917117 katie.legg@tameside.gov.uk
Wayne McConnell CAF Advisor 0161 342 3924 07580 78684 wayne.mcconnell@tameside.gov.uk
Paul Mottershead CAF Advisor TBC 07813 441344 paul.mottershead@tameside.gov.uk
Joanne Allcock CAF Advisor TBC 07870 872335 joanne.allcock@tameside.gov.uk

Young People’s Emotional Health and Wellbeing

Tameside Safeguarding Children Board has created a new Emotional Health and Wellbeing web page to direct you to Healthy Young Minds Referral and Core Offer and to training that is available for practitioners working with children and young people.

Over the past few years Tameside Safeguarding Children Board has reviewed a number of cases where children have died partly as a result of their emotional health and well-being. The most recent of these is Child T and S and learning from both of these are published on the Learning from Case Reviews section of our website.

Healthy Young Minds Website

Healthy Young Minds (previously CAMHS) aim to promote the emotional and psychological wellbeing of children and young people in Tameside. 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health problem at some point in their lives; children and young people are under increasing pressure, and a government funded study has found that, by the age of 14, 24% of girls and 9% of boys experience depression. Healthy Young Minds offers information and advice to young people, their parents and carers, and the professionals involved in their care; you can visit their website here.

Apprentice Youth Participation Officer

We are very pleased to welcome our new Apprentice Youth Participation Officer, Kayleigh, into post.

Kayleigh’s main role will be to gather feedback from children and young people on the services they receive and to ensure their voices are heard in relation to service decision making. Kayleigh will be visited partners across Tameside to find out more about how they engage with children and young people; if you are interested in this work or would like to give Kayleigh an opportunity to find out more about the work you do, please get in contact.

Threshold Launch

During August, TSCB held two Threshold Launch sessions to groups of multi-agency professionals. The aim of the sessions was to help practitioners understand their role in ensuring a child gets the right support according to their level of need, and referrals to agencies for additional support are made at the right time. The sessions also included input on the role of the new CAF advisors and their role in promoting good practice amongst partner agencies in completing the Common Assessment Framework. The Threshold Guidance, as well as the CAF form and guidance, can be found on the TSCB website. TSCB also run a half day course on the Family CAF – you can book onto TSCB training on our website.

Modern Slavery Training

Modern Slavery is when someone is;

  • forced to work – through coercion, or mental or physical threat;
  • owned or controlled by an ’employer’, through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse;
  • dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as ‘property’;
  • physically constrained or have restrictions placed on their freedom of movement.

Modern Slavery training was commissioned by TSCB in June; due to the popularity of the course, we have commissioned a further course to take place in January 2018. You will be able to book on through the TSCB website, so keep an eye out for this course.

Child U 7 Minute Briefing

Tameside Safeguarding Children Board completed a Serious Case Review for Child U in June. The case explores partner agencies response to safeguarding issues including Child Sexual Exploitation, Missing from Home, Substance Use and Emotional Well-Being. It highlights the need for good quality assessment and planning, risk management, regular review and management oversight. The 7 minute briefing is available on the Learning from Case Reviews section of our website.

Respectful Challenge Project

Respectful challenge has been a feature of almost every Serious Case Review conducted by TSCB, as well as a recurring theme in audits. Respectful challenge of parents by professionals and of professionals by professionals can be a barrier to a case progressing. Manchester Metropolitan University, in partnership with TSCB, will be conducting a research project to explore this issue in greater detail. The research aims to identify how practice can be improved, by enabling professionals to effectively and constructively challenge each other. We need participants from the health and social care sectors, as well as police and education to take part in individual interviews and focus groups; this is an excellent opportunity to contribute to an exciting piece of work, and all responses will remain anonymous. If you are interested or would like any further information, please contact Kat by email or by phone 0161 342 4326.

Disagreement and Escalation Policy

Problem resolution is an integral part of effective partnership working; where partners have a disagreement around decision making, this needs to be resolved in a way which promotes a multi-agency approach and does not undermine the safeguarding of the child. Where professionals have disagreements which they feel are not being effectively resolved and disagreement remains, the escalation policy should always be referred to. The Disagreement and Escalation Policy can be found in the online Greater Manchester Safeguarding Procedures.