eBulletin Edition 33

May 2019

Welcome to the May 2019 edition of the Tameside Safeguarding Children Board E.Bulletin.

Tameside Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (TSCP), which replaces the previous Board arrangement, is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr Henri Giller as the new Independent Chair.

The Partnership is led by the three statutory partners below but identifies many other partners including schools, health providers, and the Voluntary and Community Sector as being crucial to the successful implementation of those arrangements.

Richard Hancock

Richard Hancock

Director of
Children's Services
Gill Gibson

Gill Gibson

NHS Director of
Quality & Safeguarding
NHS Tameside and Glossop
Superintendent Jane Higham

Jane Higham

Greater Manchester Police
Greater Manchester Police

Henri Giller, who came into post in January, will provide professional advice and guidance as our safeguarding partners puts in place the new arrangements for Tameside.

We have also appointed an Independent Advocate, Osyp Splawnyk, to listen to and gather the views and experiences of children and young people and to advocate on their behalf to ensure service design and delivery reflects those views.

Osyp will initially be making contact with schools to help develop a network of school councils and other youth forums across Tameside.

The Tameside Safeguarding Children Partnership has agreed three value statements that it will strive to achieve in all of its work and identified 7 priorities for it to tackle over the next 12 months.

Values Statements

  1. To be kind and compassionate when working with families and demonstrate fairness and equality while also being courageous in our respectful challenge when it is needed both to the families and to other professionals we work with.
  2. To recognise and draw upon the support of the partnership to achieve our goals so that together we have greater resource and resilience to make a difference to the lives of children and young people in Tameside.
  3. To trust to in our integrity and need for accountability, as individuals and as a partnership, regardless of the challenges that we face so that we always aspire to do better for our children and young.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Complex safeguarding
  2. Implement Tameside’s early help offer
  3. Reduce the impact of domestic abuse on children and young people
  4. Respond to the voice of the child
  5. Access to mental health provision
  6. Mash arrangements provide a timely and effective response to protect children from harm
  7. TSCP communications

Multi-Agency Champions of Learning

The Learning and Improvement Group is a multi-agency forum under the new partnership arrangements. The membership comprises of senior managers all charged with promoting a culture of continuous multi-agency learning and improvement. This will involve dissemination and embedding of findings and recommendations from partnership functions designed to improve single and multi-agency practice throughout their agency, service or educational setting. They will also monitor and report on the impact of any changes to the Executive Partnership.

Reaching out to and communicating with practitioners and volunteers whose work brings them into contact with children and their families, or adults who are parents or carers (the workforce), is considered to be a valuable way of maximising this function. The group are therefore are in the process of implementing a two way system of communication whereby representatives of the workforce may also contact the membership in order to share best practice or areas for improvement in multi-agency practice. Multi-agency training needs can also be dealt with.

The table below provides details of the membership. All are organisational leads and will act as "Multi-Agency Learning Champions" facilitating the role outlined above: -

Organisation Lead Email Address
Children’s Social Care David Goldsworthy, Head of Child Protection & Children in Need david.goldsworthy@tameside.gov.uk
Clinical Commissioning Group Victoria Leonard, Lead Designated Nurse, Safeguarding & Looked After Children victoria.leonard3@nhs.net
Greater Manchester Police Gary McIntyre, Detective Chief Inspector gary.mcintyre@gmp.pnn.police.uk
Education Julie Waterhouse, Access Manager julie.waterhouse@tameside.gov.uk
Early Help, Early Years & Neighbourhoods Lorraine Butler, Head of Service lorraine.butler@tameside.gov.uk
Youth Offending Team Sally Dickin, Head of Service sally.dickin@tameside.gov.uk
Action Together/Voluntary Sector Sue Brookes, Partnership Officer sue.brookes@actiontogether.org.uk
Tameside & Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust Mags Deakin, Named Midwife for Safeguarding mags.deakin@tgh.nhs.uk
Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust Joanne Needham, Operational Manager, Healthy Young Minds joanneneedham@nhs.net
Jigsaw Homes Group Kerrie Pryde, Operational Director of Jigsaw Support kerrie.pryde@jigsawhomes.org.uk

Members of the workforce, who wish to contribute to the improvement of multi-agency professional practice in their Neighbourhood or Borough, or declare a multi-agency training need, should in the first instance contact their organisational representative named above. If it is considered that the representation does not cover a worker’s setting or a worker is unsure who to contact, then the Multi-Agency Training Organiser and Advisor to the Group, Andy McLean, should be contacted, Andy can be contacted via email: andrew.mclean@tameside.gov.uk.

Once communications of this nature are received it may result in the convening of ‘Practitioner Forums’ in order to further develop and share good practice.

However, please note that this system of communication is not designed to deal with case specific professional conflict, escalation or complaint. Circumstances of this nature should be brought to the attention of single agency line management and or designated or named professionals and operational procedures followed. Any communication with the representatives named in this bulletin should not contain children or family identification details. The system is intended solely for improving generic themes of professional practice.

TSCP Multi-Agency Training Offer & Programme of Training Courses 2019-2020

Tameside Safeguarding Children Partnership has published the details of their Multi-Agency Training Offer and programme of training courses for the period 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020 inclusive. Further information including, guidance on how to create and manage individual learner accounts, procedures for booking onto courses, details of how courses are managed and operated and a schedule of courses for the relevant period can be found here.

Partner agencies are requested to disseminate and promote the details of the offer as widely as possible within their agency or service in order to maximise learning opportunity.

Should any partnership representative be interested in becoming a member of the "Multi-Agency Training Pool" who underpin the delivery of the offer or, if any further information about the offer is required.
Please contact Andy McLean, the Partnership’s Multi-Agency Training Organiser Tel: 0161 342 3891, Email:andrew.mclean@tameside.gov.uk.

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